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iOS Dev Tools
WWDC was so exciting. I know many of you stayed up all night building widgets and are probably still recovering.
But the good news - we played with a TON of developer tools this week which we think might bring you up from your WWDC hangover.

Realm - mobile database
Realm’s mobile database is an open source, developer-friendly alternative designed to be a replacement for SQLite & ORMs.
What’s good
  • Easy to setup
  • Cloud Syncing, keep data in sync across users, devices, and you backend
  • Performance
  • Cross-platform, available for Swift, Objective-C, Java, Kotlin, C#, and JavaScript
Interestingly our Twitter poll indicates that 60%+ prefer CoreData over Realm or SQLite! What are your thoughts, let us know here!
Nuke - image loading & caching
Fetching and caching images efficiently has been a challenge for iOS devs in the past. Nuke is an open source Swift Framework that simplifies this process. Written by the developer who also wrote DFImageManager it is becoming the tool to use when working with images.
Whats good
  • Powerful caching, giving you the option to: ImageCache (memory), DataCache (disk), URLCache (disk + url loading system)
  • Prefetching, loading ahead of time. Great way to improve UX!
  • Well maintained plugins that fit your need. GIF’s, Alamofire, lazy loading
  • Publicly visible roadmap
Vapor - web framework for Swift
Vapor allows you to take the language you already know if you ever developed an iOS application and use it in a whole new way, to develop fast, scalable and reliable back-end systems that integrate easily with a wide range of third party services
Whats good
  • Transfer your iOS skills to the web
  • Their libraries list should be enough for most applications
  • Layer on top of Apple’s SwiftNio framework that gives you an easy to use foundation.
We’re curious - would you use this framework over more established frameworks like Rails or NodeJS?
Creattie - premium Lottie animations
If you haven’t tried Lottie yet, you should look into it. Lottie is a popular library allowing developers to render vector animations on mobile. With more control, ease of use, and scalability, it is one of the best ways to insert those lovely animations. 
Creattie is a collection of animations developers can use to give their app that little extra bit of animation love.
Whats good
  • Free set of animations you could use (1400+ !)
  • These are mostly icons. If you’re looking for more graphic animations head over to LottieFiles
📣 Reach iOS Developers
If you build a tool that solve a developer problem, we would love to help you reach iOS developers - email [email protected]
💬 Interview with Tony Dinh
Tony Dinh is an indie developer who quit his job to build software you love: Developer tools & Twitter Magic.
What is your favourite developer tool and why?
DevUtils.app, because it’s my app, and also very convenience 😂
What’s one tool you wish you had used sooner?
Alfred app, the snippet feature saved me a lot of time
What is a tool you couldn’t live without?
Bartender, without this app my status bar is literally unusable
If you could choose one tool/app to be installed on Macs in all Apple stores, which one would it be and why?
If I’m completely not biased to choose DevUtils.app, I would suggest installing iTerm by default
Your top 5 apps on your Mac/iPhone/iPad?
Overcast for podcasts
1Password for passwords and whatnot
Arq for online backup
Raycast/Alfred for Spotlight replacement
iTerm - my terminal app of choice
iStat Menus - I like to know about things right in menu bar
Pins for bookmarks from Pinboard.in
Meme of the week
Recommend a developer tool? Email [email protected]
Want to get more users for your tool? Email [email protected]
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